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Ahmed Fergiani, tour guide specializing in Ostia Antica
Ahmed Fergiani, tour guide specializing in Ostia Antica

I was born just 30 km from the native city of the Emperor Septimus Severus, the city of Leptis Magna in Libya, where I began as a guide 16 years ago, then I made my way leading hundreds of tours throughout the Punic, Greek and Roman archeological sites in Libya and Tunisia, before moving to Rome some six years ago.

Ostia Antica is my passion as it reminds me of the huge and calm ancient sites in North Africa. I will share my background about the distant North African Harbour cities that once supplied Rome’s food needs through Ostia; I will reveal the secrets of the Roman Architecture and the excavations with coloured reconstructions to help you understand how Ostia ruins used to look like in their heydays.

I will give you a full idea of how Romans built cities, the stunning and well preserved bath complexes, temples, mosaics, frescoes, taverns and even a bakery house in Ostia, really offer a fascinating insight into life in the Roman Empire as it was 2000 years ago. You will hear facts and legends about the Roman Emperors and the history of the Mediterranean basin under the rule of Rome.

Ahmed Fergiani
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