Ostia Antica: Guided tours with Maurizio Benvenuti

Guided tours of Ostia Antica for groups and individuals

Maurizio Benvenuti Licenced Rome Guide and Tour Manager (Accompagnatore Turistico) in Italy
Maurizio Benvenuti
Licenced Rome Guide and Tour Manager (Accompagnatore Turistico) in Italy

My name is Maurizio Benvenuti, I am a licenced Rome Guide and I have also worked as a Tour Manager (Accompagnatore Turistico) in Italy and abroad for many years which gave me the possibility to travel a lot and discover fantastic sites all over the Mediterrenean. I have a degree in Modern Languages and I can speak fluently English and Spanish. I live in the modern city of Ostia, by the sea, and enjoy leading private and group tours with people coming from all over the world.

If You are looking for the perfect combination between history and nature, fun and archaelogy there is no better solution than booking a tour with me to Ostia Antica, the ancient port of Rome and an extremely colourful and cosmopolitan city which still keeps well the traces of its glorious past. This site gives you the opportunity to learn about the Romans’ everyday life, thanks to the well preserved buildings, mosaics, statues and roads without the crowds of Rome.

When visiting such an interesting site, it is important to have a guide who can tell the history and stories as well as pointing out the details that would be easily missed. Ostia Antica still gives its visitors the opportunity to take a ride back into the Roman times and be surrounded by the remains of one of the most amazing locations in the world, too often unjustly shaded by the monuments of the Capital.

After the fall of the empire and the first attacks from the sea, the population has moved inwards and built the medieval town of Ostia Antica, next to the excavations and very charming for its narrow streets, the defensive papal castle and the genuine little restaurants.

Groups and Privates.
Classical 3/4 hour tours (including the museum)
Customized tours (e.g. including the Medieval town).
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